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Did a "Search" but couldn't find any references - didn't know where best to post - put it here hope it fer the bestest. Been doing a few years of serious deaf cocooning . . . and . . . Emerging from a just over 4 year musical lay-off due to (Edith did a "super fellous Long Story Cut" atta girl!) Have consciously avoided listening to any music, have hardly touched my horns but now the rebirth from the ashes - like discovering Wallis Connover's Jazz Hour on VOA in 1959 - check out the Night Music shows hosted by Mr. Sanborn with occasionally our one and only Mr. Jools Holland - available on U-Tube - A-Live - amazing line-ups - incredible performances - inspiring (Edith cut the rest over-the-top adjectives). It's keeping me awake til the early hours every night. Check 'em out - don't just watch the ones you think you'll like - some of the stuff will really surprise you.

The program is called Night Music - goes back to around 1988 - tune in - you won't regret it :happydance:

Link is here "Night Music" should take you to a page full of videos.

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Thats the first time I've really related to Branford Marsallis...thanks!

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Great show - it's a pity it's not on DVD. I read an interview with Sanborn a few years back and he said it got to expensive to make (flying Jools to NYC once a week?!) and it was on like 2.00 Saturday or Sunday morning. There's a great episode with Sanborn and Hank Crawford - one of Sanborn's early influences.

Initial shows were Jools and Dave and then Dave by himself as host.

Good stuff Spike!

Greg S.

P.S. Got to get back on the horse Spike or in this case back playing the sax...


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