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Humour Nice!

I loved the Fast Show - one of the most inventive of comedies in recent years, and Jazz Club was superb. Only a couple of days ago my wife and I were out walking the dog and were talking about "Dave Angel" as I had recently joked about my voluntary work in maintaining a country park and becoming an "Eco Warrior".
Not forgetting "That's Incredible"- with me, Carl Hooper. I was bemoaning the fact Simon Day doesn't seem to have the same profile as the other performers on that show.....
Cheers Breathless. Great stuff.
Loved the Nigel Kennedy mickey take in particular. Mind you he does make it easy for the satirists.
Sadly the Fast show sketch is too near the mark and portrays as much pretentiousness as some of my jazz afficionado friends possess, boring as hell. I may be jazz pleb I know what I like, same with wine if I like, it I drink it, much prefer Cherry Blossom (Hill) to Chateau Neauf du Crap. I wouldn't open the window to Ornette Coleman but sacrifice a months wages to hear Sonny Rollins!
Nice, haven't come across them before. Guess that's the price of living out in the sticks.

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