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Nice Christmas pudding........!


2 Ripe pears - peeled & halved length wise. (leave some skin on top 1/3 of pear if possible).
1 Packet of Puff pastry
100g of Stilton.


1. Crumble/grate the Stilton.

2. Roll puff pastry out in order to provide a large base for all 4 pear halves.

3. Lay pears on top of pastry and cut pastry dough into 4 large pear shapes with sharp knife.

4. Bake pastry in oven at 220C for about 12 minutes, and remove.

5. Sprinkle Stilton cheese on each pastry pear and place under grill until melted.

6. Allow to cool slightly then place on plate and serve with a pear half on top of each
pastry shape. If possible slice the lower 2/3rd of each half pear lengthwise into a fan using sharp knife. Don't worry if not confident!

7. Serve with some Port, or Calvados, Perry, Cider or appropriate apple/pear juice.

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Use suficient Stilton and not too hot a grill - Stilton melts fairly easily. Main trouble with Caerphilly is that is not as good a match for Pear as Stilton is - Caerphilly is too chalky and the pud would be too austere, not rich and creamy enough for Christmas.

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