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Next America's Cup 2021


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As some of you may have gathered, I've been obsessed with the America's Cup for a very long time. More than 40 years... It's an amazing competition that's been through incredible changes over the last few decades. I could bore you all with details of it's history, but today I'd like to present to you the latest version and the latest boat that's been laughed is 'Britania' from the INEOS Team UK challenge based in Portsmouth.

If you want to fast forward to the actual christening of the boat, it's around 18'.

Now, what makes these boats exceptional is that they are completely new in design. In 2017, they sailed 50' foiling catamarans. These were very fast! Faster than the previous edition that were 72' catamarans who inaugurated the foiling era. This time, we're back to monohulls but foiling monohulls! 75' long boats that will not even touch the water for most of the races. No more keels filled with lead. Just arms, or should I say let's or even reversed wings dipped into the water lifting those monsters out. Actually flying over the water at speeds expected to be in the 50 knots range. That's roughly 60 miles per hour or 90 kilometers per hour..

Here is a video of 'Defiant', the first one launched recently:

There are 4 boats in that category so far. 'Te Aihe' alias the dolfin from Team New Zealand, 'Defiant' from the American Magic team, 'Luna Rossa' from team Prada and now 'Britania' from INEOS Team UK. Another Challenger is registered from the USA, but there are very serious doubts about their capacity to meet the deadlines. So it is likely that only four teams will be in contention.

Her is a video of 'Te Aihe' launch event:

I'll do my best to keep you up to date with this event. I'm hoping to find a way to go to Cagliari in April for the World Series. After that they action will be too far away from me as the main event will be in Auckland, NZ.

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With Auckland City involved with the building of the infrastructure for the 2021 America's Cup it will most likely be held in 2031 - it should give you enough time to row your dinghy from France to the South Pacific...good luck...:thumb:

Greg S.
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