News From Phil-Tone (refacing price reduction and new piece)


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Greetings. I just wanted to let players know that there is now a European Price Reduction on reface work. My reface work gets the same attention and customer service as my line of pieces. Now you can get the best for less with rapid turnaround times.

Hard rubber is now 115
Most metal work is 125

Also Announcing the New Phil-Tone And Theo Wayne Tribute Ltd. It is based on the handmade Ltd pieces I sold for a while in very limited supplies. This piece can tonally range from an EB to a standard Florida. The rails are more trim, there is additional punch and resonance but it still has a digitally copied Florida chamber and can stand next to any vintage model. It will be made in most sizes and have a vintified finish.

The first batch is done and on the way to me for hand finishing to your desired tonal palate. Unlike buying used for loads of cash on a vintage gamble, or opening a piece in hopes that it comes out the way you like I present you with a trial period (as all my pieces).

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