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Newbie Saxophonist here! Glad to meet everyone.


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Hey guys, my name's Brandon and I'm from Illinois. I've played French Horn since fifth grade, as well as Trumpet in Jazz band, Mellophone in marching band, and Piano on my own. I also sing Tenor I in choir. I just recently (as in, Friday afternoon) picked up a tenor sax so I can start learning. Since I have a pretty extensive background in music (I'm going to be a freshman in college in 13 days :p), I've been learning pretty quickly. I can sight read pretty well already, I can play the entire range of my tenor sax (other than the low C key, because it needs a new pad), and I'm having a ton of fun learning. I figured I'd register and ask a couple questions in the Beginner's Questions area since it seems like this is a great place to get some help, haha. The sax I bought is a Yamaha YTS-23. I bought it used from a lady down the street from me; the sax is in good condition (it could probably use a good cleaning/look-over which it will be getting soon), and the only problem with it is that the low C key is leaky, so it just needs a new pad. I got the sax, along with a generic black mouthpiece, ligature, neckstrap, cork grease, and case, for $200 even, and my band director and saxophonist friends all say I got a great deal on it. It plays pretty well (I think), and I'm learning pretty quickly. Occasionally there's a delay between my air stream starting and the sound coming out of the horn, but I'm sure that will be fixed with time. I want to be a music teacher eventually, so I figured I might as well start learning a woodwind instrument. That's pretty much it.. thanks for reading! :p


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Big welcome from me. Sounds like you got a good deal. Single pad to chage is no big deal.

Those yamaha 23s are good saxes. Check the mouthpiece carefull - may also be Yamaha.

Sounds like you'll soon be teaching us!

HAve fun here!

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Welcome to the caff©, Branson.

I know a Mellophone is a brass instrument that points in a different direction to European convention but which one?



Hi Brandon,
Welcome to the Cafe, i'm sure you will have a lot of fun here. By the way what sort of music will you want to play on the sax? Whatever kind you choose i'm sure somebody here will have it covered. Your in good hands.


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Welcome to the cafe Brandon :)

I would agree you got a good deal on your sax :thumb: enjoy your new music journey

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Hello Brandon, and a warm welcome to the cafe. I just bought a YAS23 from a friend and I'm loving it. Enjoy.


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Welcome and hopefully you will enjoy the company of others who are also starting their sax learning experience.
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