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Just registered here, thought it might be useful to be in a community with saxophone players, considering I recently started playing the tenor saxophone :)

So...about name is Petar, I am from Croatia. I am currently a college student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Since my country is in a big recession due to the people who don't do their job right at the political part, I am also working as a Box Office manager at the Cinestar Multiplex.
I am also a volunteering fireman for almost 7 years now, and I have been doing stuff with computers and electronics for quite some time now. This year I started being an innovator and won a few gold medals for my innovation which is, a variation of the radiation detector. I also programmed in and now I am learning C++.
As for the musical part, I used to play the piano, but then found out that it isn't..."my thing". I've always had dreams for the saxophone, and after some time, I decided to save some money and bought one. To be honest, I wanted to try the Alto, but they didn't have one at my local music store, so I bought the tenor (only one they've had was a Stagg brand. My friend plays the drums and he says that Stagg brands aren't that good...I hope I didn't make a mistake)
It's been 3 months since I started playing, but I don't have enough money for private lessons so I bought a book I found on the web called "Essential music elements 2000".

I also wanted to ask you experienced players, if you have any recommendation, for learning, materials, book's, tutorials etc. I want to learn blues and jazz, but after I finish this book, which is only the essential learning, I don't know how to continue. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

And again, saying hello to everyone here ;}


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Hi There!

A Big Welcome to Cafe Sax from all jazz musicians in Skabertawe in Wales. I was in Croatia in 1982 - staying in Opatija for a week.

Best book you could get hold of is "The Jazz Method for Tenor Saxophone" by John O'Neill - has a CD and starts from the beginning. Amazon will have it, as well as others. Stagg saxes are OK - I tried an alto once and it was pretty good. If you have a good mouthpiece/ligature/reed set up then that is perhaps more important. The book above provides a lot of usewful information and should be a big help. Any other questions you have can be asked in the "Beginners" section and will get lots of helpful replies.

Kind regards
Tom :thumb:


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Big welcome from me. Not sure about their saxes, but the clarinet we bought a few years ago was poor.


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Hi Petar.and welcome.
I think the whole world seems to be in economic chaos so we have our Saxes to take our minds off it.:)

Re. Your Horn. Don`t get too concerned about the brand but you do need to keep it in as good a mechanical condition as possible to stop leaks and other things that will prevent you getting the best sound possible. this link . . provides information that can assist you improving the mechanical action of your horn and also basic repairs.

If you really want to play blues and jazz then the quicker you try to train your ears the better . Of course you will learn theory but I think playing along with any type of music will be a good lesson in how to start to improvise. Try and at least find the root note of each chord in the tune ( listen to the Bass ) and also try and predict or sense where you think it will go next.

Once you have a good a few skills under your belt you will find all the resources you need to progress are available on the Internet, mainly at no financial cost due to the generous and kind nature of many contributing musicians and fellow students.
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Welcome Petar. Stagg saxes have improved in recent years, so you should have no worries. Enjoy it.



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Dobrodosli Petar.
Lot of good advice here, and some good material on "taming the saxophone"


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Welcome to the cafe Pbandov you are in the right place for good advice with a little fun thrown in. Regds N.

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Welcome to the caff©, Petar.

You will get sime intelligent and useful advice here but not from me.>:)

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