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M/Pieces - Ligs New Vandoren Mouthpiece vs. Vintage Vandoren


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Houston, TX
So I played on my Teachers Vintage Vandoren mouthpiece and the tone and resignation was superb. Thats why he sounds so good, besides the fact he is a pro and has been playing for 25 years. The numbers and all markings are worn off so we could not figure out what the model was but it appeared to be a Jumbo JAVa of some kind. So I went out and played on a new jumbo java 55 and bought it. To me it does not feel and sound the same. Are the new Vandoren's just not as good quality as the Vintage ones ? Should I buy the A95 vintage model on ebay for 220 bucks ?


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Skabertawe, South Wales
All depends on what you like about the tone. If it is a Jumbo Java type sound then you could speak to Phil Engleman at "Phil-Tone" mouthpieces who produces both the Rift and Meridian which put my Jumbo Java A55 to shame in every department - can't comment on the older Jumbo Java as I've never played one.

As they are both custom made pieces they can be adapted according to you particular requests. :thumb:


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let your teacher try your new mouthpiece, see if he can get a good sound on it....
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