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New Tune for the new year


Excellent Chris.

Not an easy tune to play, but you made a good job of it.

By the way are you going to see Snake Davies at The Band On The Wall later this month?


Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Good tone, perfectly in tune and not rushed which would be easy to do at this tempo without much embellishment.

I know that you haven't had that much time playing, but in my opinion it's never too soon to make a tune your own regardless of how big (or small) your bag of tricks are.

Here’s an optional challenge for you:
[FONT=&quot]This tune is relatively easy so I'd guess that you could sing it. Try as an exercise to sing this with the backing track (without the sax). Record what you sang, then compare the two. I can assure you that you will find that it's relatively easy to phrase and give feeling when singing (even if you can't sing in tune). Next play your sax with your version that you've sung and try to play exactly the way you sang. Do NOT read the notes if possible; just try to play it exactly the way you sang it. Bringing together your inner voice with the instrument is where you want to go so that it's an extension of you. This does not require years of training, in fact it can be harder later on if one has been solely concentrating on technique.



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Just wanted to say thanks for having a listen and for all the useful ideas (Wade)..As for the SD gig Albert no I don't plan to at the moment..


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