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Gainsborough, Lincs, UK
Hi all.
I have just bought a tenor sax and am now looking for a teacher in the Gainsborough area. I have very little experiance and am keen to get started.

Any help or advice gratefully received.



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Hello Simon, welcome to the cafe, I hope you find a good teacher, although it's not impossible to learn to play without one.
Have fun with your sax, that's the key, and enjoy yourself!


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Hi Simon!

Greetings from Skabertawe - land of the button free tenor sax.
If travelling to Doncaster is feasible then you could try and make contact with Lisa Spowart who teaches Tenor & Alto Sax to beginners and upwards. You can find her details on if you press "search" then key in "saxophone" and South Yorkshire. Usual procedure would be to have a brief chat then an introductory lesson and see what you think. There are also some sax teachers around Lincoln, but mostly to the South of the county. Also there are lists of teachers on both the and donmack websites, listed under counties/towns.

The key for me is whether they sound on your wavelength and can get in touch with what you are hoping to achieve - is it classical, rock, jazz, ska, latin or some other music that you would like to learn to play etc. If they sound unenthusiastic don't bother. There are also plenty of tutor books out there - many of us love the John O'Neill book "The Jazz method for Saxophone" which covers most types of popular music, amongst others, as well as the stuff that Pete produces!

Have fun, and hope the above helps!
Tom :cool:

(button free tenor sax = trombone!)
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