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New Teacher Happiness.


Just to update for anyone that's interested. I have a new teacher as of two weeks now, he's great, he addressed a few beginners bad habits I picked up, such as; scooping. This was corrected by going back to the more traditional bottom lip over teeth method that I'd neglected (stupidly). Once my embouchure was improved, a good tone came along too as well as decent volume control and what is apparently a good subtone. Nice.
He's got me going through scales and warm-up/fingering exercises as well as chucking in a few songs too (pink panther, walking on the moon, summertime). I'm really enjoying it and have been practising every day for almost 4 weeks with a couple of exceptions.
I really am loving learning the sax and I can't stop (evidently) banging on about it.

I did originally post this at the end of my "First Lesson Let-Down" thread but thought it deserved its own new thread.


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Always great to hear some success and its good news that you have found such a helpful teacher. We all need motivation and someone who cares about our playing - I hgenuinely hope that you get somewhere good with your playing.

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That's great to hear, perhaps, if you are genuinely happy with your teacher, you could ask them to add their details to Saxophone Teachers Its on Pete's Taming the Sax website.
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