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Saxophones New Saxophone :-) and thanks to Griff!


So after taking a few weeks to make a decision, and several times trying out different saxes (Reference 54, 36 etc), I finally bought a Yanagisawa T9932J. What a beautiful saxophone, very much a Yani sound but its depth and roundness really is astounding. It replaces my T901 Yani, itself a very fine sax. The ergonomics are perfect. Not only does it play beautifully but it's stunning to look at, a real work of art. As you can probably tell I'm rather smitten with it :)

I visited Griff today, what a great guy. A real gentleman and very knowledgeable too. He did a great job checking over the Yani. I can see why he comes highly recommended. It played great out of the box, but Griff improved the action overall and ensured there were no leaks etc. Thanks a lot Griff, you're a star.
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Twins ...

Congrats mate ... :clapping:

I know you two will be very happy together ... ;}


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Difficult Choices ...

Yes, just stay faithful!
Do you mean to the Wife [44th year of happy marriage] ...:veryhappy:

Or my Beautiful, Sultry, sometimes Wild and Crazy Yanagisawa T9932J [1 year down a Lifetime to go] :happydance:

@ Andy ... Enjoy every together moment mate, that's one special sax ... :sax:
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