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Reeds New reed by Vandoren-Java Red

Hi and welcome,there new to me but more reed's mean's more choice but also mean's more REED HEADACHE'S.I hope there as good as there V16'S which i love.
"mean's more REED HEADACHE'S"

You can say that again...I've been playing for a little more than a year, and lately I've been wasting a lot of time trying to decide what reed/mouthpiece combination to use. I am trying to settle on a combination of the following tenor mouthpieces and reeds:

Otto Link Tone Edge 7
Jody Jazz HR 7*
Vandoren V16 T8
Vandoren Java T55


Rico Royal 2, 21/2,3
Rico Jazz Select 2M,2H filed and non filed
LaVoz Ms, M
Vandoren Traditional 2,21/2
Vandoren V16 2,21/2
Vandoren ZZ 2,21/2,3

I think I'll stick with the V16 T8 and use Van. Trad. 21/2, V16 21/2 and RJS 2H filed. The Java T55 is also quite good but is a bit more edgy.

I still haven't tried any of the Java reeds yet. And of course there's the Alexanders and.........
I like Alexanders, love Vandoren
I found a new Flying Goose reed among some junk that I bought in 1981 its a 2.5 and it plays wonderfully well,I never thought I would be able to replace it, whose heard of flying goose?? but a guy on Ebay has them, made in China cheap as chips, and 10 out 10 play straight from the box,
I still love La Voz ,Vandoren V16,Java's seem to soft at the tip but still ok,Rico's a no,no for me.ZZ's are a no,no big time.Still waiting to try Alexander's on Tenor,tryed the DC Soprano's and they were nice.At the momment i cant go wrong with V16 3's on my Law mp's and La Voz M's on Alto and Soprano so rather happy at present.BUT WITH REED'S IT COULD ALL CHANGE IN AN INSTANT,PLEASE DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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