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I'm not ashamed to say that over the Christmas period, I got GAS (it's the time of Year) and purchased a shiny new mouthpiece.

In some ways I feel incredibly guilty about putting aside my Kanee Florida piece, as it's a wonderful bit of kit that I've grown attached to. I will certainly be keeping it in my collection and would heartily recommend anyone looking for a very reasonably priced, but excellent upgrade from a first Mouthpiece.

Whilst the Florida didn't let me down, I was struggling a little bit in the live environment with that bit of extra projection and consistently being able to hit alt F and the palm keys. In an amplified environment, it wasn't quite cutting it for me. Rather than doing the difficult thing and spending hours and hours working on my playing skills, I did the easy thing and spent a few quid on a new mouthpiece ;)

So I'm now the owner of a PPT 7*. I've only had it a couple of days and it will take some time to 'voice' but already I'm having stacks of fun with the same reed I was using on my Kanee (Legere Sig 2.75). Firstly, compared to my previous pieces, it can go LOUD. It will certainly add a few DB's when I'm playing live. Importantly, when it gets loud it doesn't get overly bright for me and my horn (I was a bit concerned that this might be the case as per my previous attempt with a Vandoren v16 mouthpiece). It can also do the fluffy soft thing and lots of things in between which I haven't been able to achieve with other kit. The alt F and Palm key notes are coming out nice and solid and I can produce some pretty decent overtones and, for the first time produce a few altissimo notes that I haven't really been able to hit with other mouth pieces.

Anyway, I need much more playing time. We've got a couple of rehearsals over the next week, so I will be testing it out in a Live environment I'll update how I get on over the next few weeks and Months!
you nailed it... voicing is different... also with the PPT you should put less mouthpiece in your mouth ....... ahh... that PPT .... is ... the bomb
So I'm now the owner of a PPT 7*.

Excellent move!

I'm too and I love it, but I'm not yet in control. It is very versatile but like a young horse, it's not for immature players like me! I don't deserve it yet...

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