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After many years of procrastination I have decided to learn to play the saxophone and have registered here to learn about the instrument, how and where to buy one, and anything else that is shared. First I must find a good instrument and a local teacher. I am in the Charlotte NC area so any advice is welcome.


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Hi Tony

Welcome to the cafe, you won't regret your decision to learn the sax, which one do you want to start on?



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Hi Tony!

A Big Welcome to Cafe Sax, and congratulations on finally deciding to learn sax. First thing to decide is what sax you would ideally like to play. Soprano, Alto and Tenor are all fine to start on - especially as you are an adult beginner. They all have slightly different challenges, including weight and size, and may appeal for different reasons.

There are lots of saxes out there. More traditionally Selmer, Yamaha, Yanigasawa & Keilworth (The Big Four) all of which can be quite costly. More recently many more saxes have appeared, and some are more available in the UK/Europe, and some more available in the US. As I am UK based I am not good at making US recommendations, but am aware of Kessler saxophones which cost less than $1000. If you do some searching online, including Sax On The Web (US basedwebsite) you should be able to find which saxes arte particularly recommended there.

You may be better off arranging to chat to a local teacher about such things before you start any lessons as advice can be really helpful. Some firms also arrange sax hire so that you can try before you buy, especially if you are not sure about which sax or want to see whether sax playing is definitely something you can commit to over a period.

Regarding teachers it is good to speak to several on the phone first and see who you most get on with, especially if you chat to them about sax recommendations. Many saxes are made in Taiwan and are often incredible quality at very low prices. In UK we have Bauhaus Walstein, Gear4Music and Academy saxes which can be bought new for less than $500.

Hope this is of some help - but do find a local teacher first would be my recommendation.
Kind regard

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Welcome to the caff©, Tony.

Charlotte, NC? Best advice is SUPPORT NASCAR. Whilst they are running, no one will complain about your practising.>:)

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