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Hi everyone im rory and im new here and new to the sax. Been learning for about 3 months now and loving it. I play a stagg alto that my lovely wife bought me. I aim to practice for two hours a day. I am having lessons and my teacher is awesome. I have read some other posts on here and feel comfortable asking any questions that i may have. Any way thats a bit about me. Thanks for reading.


Hi Rory,

Welcome to the Cafe, and the world of the Saxophone, you'll never regret. 2 hours day! Blimey I struggle to do an hour a day now, I think you will do well especially with a good teacher!

Regards Rikki


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Hi Rory!

Practice during the day is great - much more relaxing and can practice a wide range of dynamics from pp to ff with no fear of disturbing anyone. I'm glad you've found a good teacher - so important to find the right one took me 2 goes to find the right sax teacher, but took 5 attempts to find the right trumpet teacher. At least it can help clarify what you need from a teacher, and I can be an awkward b****r ;}

I'll be really interested to hear about your progress over the next few months. What learning materials do you use, and what music do you most want to learn to play? I found it quite exciting learning about different musical styles and developing my own preferences in terms of sound, style of playing, and style of improvisation.

Hope it's a great journey! :w00t::w00t:
Kind regards

Hi Tom my teacher played in the marines band for 13 years so he has patience. Im learning from abracadabra saxophone book with my teacher, and take the lead books on my own. Im interested in learning all sorts really. Really looking forward to getting to the level of joining some other players too. Im playing on a stagg alto sax, its beautiful and its black. Ill be happy to keep you updated on my progress, got a lesson this afternoon.




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Hi Rory, welcome to the cafe. I hope you enjoy your new found interest.


Hi Rory, big welcome from moi. Two hours a day! You'll soon have chops as big as a whale!! >:) Enjoy the journey look forward to seeing some more posts from you. Kind regards Phil
HI Rory. welcome, you'll find that we are a friendly bunch on here, and everyone is willing and able to help with any questions or problems you may have, enjoy!


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Late as usual ...

Hey Hey Rory ...

Nice to meet you mate ...

I am a bit late saying Welcome to you ... Cos me muvver always said, people will remember you easier if your the last one through the door ... ;}

Anyway ... I am glad you enjoyed the SunnyRays that I sent to Wales last week - Make em last though Rory ... :w00t:

Cheers mate ...

Roy Gussman

welcome to the club.I have learnt enough from here to be able to play tenor sax in a more relaxed way than before since joining a few months ago. So much so that one of my neighbours is a profesional sax player and he came over and I played my music with him and the only fault I had was my timing but other than that it was great. So listen to what they say and you will be ok.

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