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Hello forum users!

I have just joined today, so I need to say hi.

My music interest started when I was 7 years old when I started to learn the trumpet, and at the age of 10 I joined my local silver band (on flugel horn). I stayed with the band until I was aged 13. I then took up the drums for many years, playing in bands, touring UK/Europe.

My love of music has always been mainly around the 40's and 50's eras. I love my rock'n'roll/swing, but I am also passionate about jazz and blues.

I have also run my own studio, and have been a FOH sound engineer for several 'big' bands. I run my own record label also.

I took up the saxophone back in 2001, but unfortunately a serious road traffic accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury put my learning back for many years. I have recently taken my circa 1939 Pennsylvania tenor from the loft and began playing, it is certainly a difficult horn to play! I also have an alto, but cannot remember what make/model it is haha.

The Pennsylvania was made under the Selmer name in London, probably by Karl Meyer. It has pearl keys and has the original dark lacquer. I use an Otto Link metal mouth piece.

I am looking at buying a new sax, I'd love an older Selemer but the finances could not strech that far, so I have been looking at the Conn CTS280R. Does anyone on the forum have one of these? If so, is it good for swing/rock'n'roll?

Bye for now

Greetings Buckreinart.
wellcome to The Cafe, its really spooky that you happen to own this particular horn , i have just posted a request for info on a Karl Meyer alto.
anyway dive in and enjoy, you will not find a better bunch than the folks here, and if you something that you need help or info about, someone here will be able assist you
regards zootsaxenberger


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Hi Buck and welcome to the cafe! Likewise I hope your recovery has been a good one.


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Sunray waves to Buckreinart ...

Hey hey from Norfolk ...

A big "Welcome" to the Cafe ... ;}

Now you are settled in - I have a very important and humane project for you mate ...

When you feel up to it, put on your finest explorers clothing, including the funny hat then search the temple [or cave] and try to find out the Alto's name ...

After all no self respecting Saxophone can go through life without a name ... :)))

Have fun here mate ...

Cheers :cheers:

Justin Chune

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Hello Buck and a warm welcome to you. You will be able to play any kind of music you like on your new sax. I used to own a Pennsylvania tenor and it played great. These days we can buy new saxes like them for less than the cost of a major refurb.

I've seen adverts for the Conn 280 in the CASS magazine and it looks very nice.

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