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New year's eve. No saxophonists available except one.
The band leader asks the guy if he is qualified, and he mentions an impressive list of jazz colleges, courses and awards.
"What's the catch, then? Why are you free?"
"I only know three tunes: Mary had a little lamb, happy birthday and Giant Steps"
Apparently this joke does not work with many musicians. I will try tonight at rehearsal, maybe old generation's players would appreciate it.
Hot Cross Buns, Baker Street, and the intro to Pink Panther.

I remember being particularly obnoxious when I discovered and transcribed "Yakety Sax". Yes, that dates me just a bit.
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Being Antoine Joseph (Adolph) Sax's birthday also known as "Saxophone Day", saxophone jokes are appropriate.

"How many C-Melody sax players can you fit in a phone booth?" Answer: all of them

"What is the difference between a bari sax and a chainsaw?" Answer: the vibrato

"What is the difference between a garbage truck and a school owned bari sax?" One is a large heavy crud encrusted metal object, the other is a sanitation vehicle.

"How can a girl tell if her boyfriend is a sax player?" When she says, "Honey I think you'd better pull out", he replies "Why, am I sharp"?

You know you are talking to a sax player if you mention a naked lady in a dark bedroom and he thinks about checking his Conn 10M for pad leaks.

The bandleader stood on the corner soliciting a $5 donation to help bury a sax player who died while the band was on tour. A passerby put $10 in the hat and said, "Here, bury two of them".

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