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New here - hello!

Loony Moon Hare

New Member
Hello, just registered and thought I'd drop by and introduce myself.

I'm 38 and recently picked the sax back up. I originally learned to play at school and got up to grade 5. I was playing at a standard beyond grade 5 but sadly I struggled with music theory so couldn't take the 6 practical - :(

My kids' school has just started a community orchestra and the head nabbed me during the school run with the words 'a little bird tells me you play saxophone' and I found myself joining in and remembering how fun it is to play.

I've managed to pick up fairly well where I left off after some daily practice sessions and I'm now enjoying exploring what I can get out of the instrument. I was taught pretty classical stuff to play so I now have free range to explore all sorts of stuff and I'm working on tone. Noodling around with overtones has been fascinating to me!

I sadly no longer had the Armstrong alto I had at school but bought a Trevor James classic alto recently which I love:)

I'm due some inheritance soon and going to treat myself to a tenor sax also.:D

Anyway, nice to be here and looking to learn from you all.


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Hello and welcome to the cafe:)

Glad to hear you are enjoying playing again.



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Welcome! I've only just joined. I've also got a Trevor James alto which is great. Only just joined this place myself but it is full of really helpful posts and people. Enjoy!


Sax-Mad fiend!
Hello and welcome....

I also play in a school band. However I was surplus to requirement on my alto, but nabbed swiftly when I bought the bari!

I love the sax and the kids at school are so tolerant of my inabilities.

Our version of Hawaii-five-0 has the tempo marking "uncomfortably fast", the first time that I reached the end with the rest of the band (after several weeks) I felt that I'd really achieved something :)))

Enjoy your playing

old git

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Welcome to the caff©, yellowbelly.

Good to play what you want to, isn't it?


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Hello and welcome.

I've been playing alto for about 18 months, but I succumbed and bought a tenor just before Christmas and I've just started playing it in a community wind band with vast sweeping hoards of flutes and clarinets, vast populations of altos, plus a few tenors, bari, sops, clarinets, and assorted brass and members of the heavy metal department... It's great fun.

Loony Moon Hare

New Member
Thank you all for the welcome. I hope I do enjoy the tenor as much as my alto. I'll certainly enjoy shopping around for it anyway!


Older, wiser, should know better....
Hi and welcome. I'm new too so I'm not sure you'll learn anything from me. I am a master at buying new saxes though. I'm totally hooked after a couple of months and have added a tenor and soprano to my alto. It wasn't intended, it just happened!

there's great advice and friendly folk here, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Reed Warbler

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Best of luck NMH. I left the sax for 43 years, distracted by the wonders of slide trombone. What a joy to pick one up again; am totally hooked!
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