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New Gilad Atzmon CD release!


Well-Known Member
Skabertawe, South Wales
As one of my favourite Alto Sax players I was pleased to receive the new Gilad Atzmon CD -"In Loving Memory of America" - this morning. Its an affectionate tribute to Charlie Parker and 50's/60's American Jazz, and well worth the tenner I paid for it via JazzCD. It features his quartet together with a string quartet, and is beautifully played throughout!

Worth getting IMHO;}

Kind regards

Phil Edwards

Senior Member
East Sussex
Thanks, must check this one out. Another for the list - my 'discrete' additions to the credit card statement are becoming too obvious too ignore...


mark fox

New Member
i was reading about this album in jazzwize this month, my first thoughts were "god not again" i haven't listened to the album and I'm sure the playing is going to be exquisite, but there is just something about it not grabbing me..
On the other hand im gagging to get my hands on Benny Golsons new album, think its called "new tet" or something along them lines.
incidentally the article on "kind of blue" in jan issue seems to have opened up a bit of a fight this month in jazz wise..

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