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New forum for finding jamming partners.

Phil Edwards

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East Sussex
Might be of interest to some members here looking to find someone to jam with...

Take a look at http://letsjam.myfreeforum.org. It's pretty new and struggling to add new members but, I think, it's a great idea.

Post what you play, where you are, what you're looking for and try and find someone to jam with. Not many on there yet, and if we all join it'll be over-run with sax players, but take a look and if you like the idea suggest it to any other muso's you know. I think it deserves a wider audience and then everyone will benefit.

regards, Phil

(I got the OK from Pete before posting this)


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Rugby UK
Nice one Phil, I've just signed up and may import the breakfast jam map over (may have to change the name though)
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