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Saxophones New Cononball endorser..


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That is an interesting story about Keilwerth/Buffet. It is not uncommon for the top brass of big corporations to become aloof to the musicians who support them by buying and playing their instruments. For years Conn-Selmer has been headed by "bean counters" who care little about making repair parts affordable and accessible.

In contrast at a small company like Cannonball, the top brass (Tevis and Sheryl Laukat, Ryan Lillywhite, and Randal Clark) sit around playing saxophones and trying to come up with ideas to make them even better. For a complete list of Cannonball endorsers go to this link: Cannonball Artists


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Hi Kev,

Thanks for putting up the link, it was an interesting read and it's a shame to hear that the people he knew who worked for JK have now all left.

I guess it's the name of the game these days but did anyone else find it sad that he is talking about 'brands' as opposed to manufacturers? I know manufacturers can also be brands, but the last paragraph says a lot:

Today, most musicians are playing German, Japanese, French or Italian brands. I have nothing against that at all. More power to all of them! But American brands have seemed to have all but disappeared from the wider scene. I believe now that Cannonball Saxophones have a good chance at changing that picture.

It's all about perspective I guess, but I would prefer to have less brands and see the manufacturers standing behind their own names, a lot of them are making really good kit so why not put their own name on it.

Just thinking out loud, and not saying anything about Cannonball, it just that every month there is a new brand.



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Agree Chris. It's a lot more than ad-speak. Must be someone on here who's got a marketing background who can comment. I had an interesting discussion with a marketing person a couple of years ago. Finally some of it started to sink in. But...


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There is a reason why I am eager to play one of these. They sell them at my local shop once I get down there I plan to make a few of these of my first picks.

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