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Other Neotech v Focusound: An amateur analysis


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I have been using an inexpensive strap for some time that is still being sold on Amazon. Because it tends to slip when I am playing, I decided to seek another design. I wound up purchasing a very similar (but much better known brand) Neotech from a local music store. I've just begun using it so the jury is still out as to how well it works for me over the long term, but here are some features and benefits of each for comparisons sake. Both have the traditional design features so this is a comparison of different varieties of apples rather than apples to oranges.
My first impression of the Neotech is that it is more comfortable. I prefer most of the features of the Neotech over the Focusound but the strap on the latter does have the advantage of being able to be made shorter or longer than the Neotech and it is also wider. It is advertised on Amazon as suitable for both alto and tenor. The Neotech pad is sufficiently long to wrap around the neck and it's possible that the slide is better since I'm not feeling any slippage, so far. Its packaging states that it is 100% USA made. I cannot find the country of origin for the Focusound. The Neotech's hook appears to be a bit beefier. The information below is from my own comparisons so they may differ somewhat from what may be found online.
Both have good and maybe bad (is a wider strap better?) features and overall, the Neotech seems to be the better choice. I guess that time will be the test.

Price$ 12.99$ 17.76Amazon (current): Neotech $23.34, Focusound $11.99
Pad Length9 7/8"14"
Pad Width1 7/8"2 3/8"Neotech 2 3/8 at 4 1/2" centers and tapers to 1 1/2" at ends
Pad Fixed or MovableMovableFixed
Pad StyleStraightCurvedNeotech reinforced to 1 1/2" at ends and secured to strap at 4 1/2" centers
Pad Cushion MaterialSoft FoamDense FoamPad connected to strap by plastic loops
Hook length2 1/2"2 1/2"
Hook opening1/2"3/8"
Hook designSwivelSwivel
Strap Minimum length16"18"Strap pulled taunt with slide pulled in to minimum
Strap Maximum length23"21 1/2"Strap pulled taunt with slide pushed out to maximum
Strap Width2 3/8"1 7/8"

Neotech v Focusound side by side.jpg

Side by Side.
Neotech hook.jpg

Neotech hook
Focusound hook.jpg

Focusound hook
For inexpensive a much better strap than either of these is the D’Addario.

Why better? Non-stretchy neck pad. Non-slipping adjuster. Metal hook. I do not trust those plastic hooks, I had one break on a gig once, never again.

The downside to the D’Addario is the neck pad - there isn’t one. Cut the padding off of the Neotech if you want to. I would not trust that strap. D’Addario do make one with a leather neck pad for more money, but really it’s not much better.

[Edit I see you are in the US so I deleted reference to Cebulla]

It really is worth it to buy a better strap, I recommend Just Joe’s.
I’ve been using a similar Neotech for my baritone for a decade or so. Eventually, the neoprene starts to « flake apart » in small black particles messing up your clothes.
I recently bought a BG model, a brand I’ve been using for more than 30 years on alto, zero worries. This one works well for the big horn.

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