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Hi i need some music to start on. I can read music ( rusty grade 8 clarinet) and play alot by ear (folk music fiddle playing) so I don't really have much knowledge of jazz stuff, but i want to start going off in that direction. I have played soprano for a good while, but had no lessons. I want something to get my teeth into, but not so difficult there is no hope or so easy that i can burn through it in 5 minutes. All this new enthusiasm has come about because i purchased an alto at the weekend. I know this isn't a really specific question, sorry if it is a bit woolly. Oh and i really like stuff with a good tune to it that you can get into your brain into it(like folk music tunes do) thanks
Hi mich123, Welcome to the site,you could try the abrsm jazz grade books 1-5.Bumnote.
Listen to Steeleye and Fairport. You'll know the tunes, they improvise at times, see if you can, not necessarily on the soprano, just humming or whistling will do. Have found some references to early jazz where all they were aware of was "decorating" the tune and did not recognise the term "improvisation."

"Amazing Grace" is a good starting point and try swinging "Greenland Whaje Fishery". If an aged idiot like me can do it, anyone can.
Hi There!

I have found Musicroom a useful resource - very comprehensive selection of music with "Skill Level" included for each book of tunes etc. Here is the Jazz section for Alto Sax:

Do have a look on the site and see if there are any that interest you. I have the series of "Creative Saxophone" and also the "Jazz Method for Alto Saxophone" by John O'Neill - both have CD accompaniment and are great stuff.

Hope this helps.
Try the book with CD Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock, there are some good Jazz tunes in there which seem to be quite popular over this neck of the woods for peeps starting out playing Jazz.
thanks to everone for the great suggestions, that will keep me busy for a while :)
I have now got a copy of O'Neills book, which looks really good. Will get started on it at the weekend. I did have a a weird moment when i read about the o'neills book in the replies as there is a famous book of O'Neills irish tunes, and I thought what ' Oniells book of Irish tunes for the saxophone????? !!!!!!!!:D
lol, some of the Irish tunes sound good on a sax, you'd be surprised.

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