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Saxophones Need help identifying Cecilio and Evette saxophone!


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Hey guys nice great looking forum, I like the way the designer made the home page top banner. OK, so this is what I got going on. About 2 days ago I had 2 saxophones come into my ebay consignment store that have no model numbers on them. I have looked everywhere and still cant find any model numbers. So when doing some searching around I found you guys and I thought that maybe you guys could give me a little advice as to what model theses saxophones are. Now, I am no saxophone professional like you guys lol, so you might have to baby me though this, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

I will also link this forum in my ebay listing so this website can gain the SEO power.

Ok, so the first saxophone is a Cecilio Saxophone and the second one is a Evette saxophone.

Here are some pictures..

This is the Cecilio Saxophone!











This is the Evette saxophone











Thank you so much for the help guys!!!
The first looks like a standard chinese tenor sax, made by an unknown manufacturer, with a 'brand' inscribed by/for whoever imported/retailed it. Quailty could be anything from appalling to good. As could be the setup.

Second is an Evette Alto. No model, there wasn't one. B&H appear to have created this as part of their amalgamation of many makers to capitalis on the old Evette Schaeffer name, but apart from words there appears to be no real link. These saxes appear to have been made by more than one maker (not all are inscribed Italy) and I've read suggestions that some were french made, others clearly Italy, manufacturer unknown, and also that some came in from Taiwan. Some people think they're Buffets, mix of SDA and later parts, based on the bell brace and LH cluster. I'm rather doubtful, more like they copied a few features hoping to fool people. I have a similar Tenor sax, not stamped made in Italy, but otherwise very similar. Quality is OK - better than entry, but not pro. Plays nicely. But your's needs at least a few pads... There's not much info around on either of these saxes, sorry.
Cecilios are a supposedly reasonably UK cheap brand. I've some good and bad reports. I doubt there is any specific model, you would just advertise it as a Cecilio, but don't expect much money for it.

If you can't verify both a re in full working order, either could be worth less than the actual cost of fixing up.
Hey Pete, was just listing to some of your music. :welldone:welldone:welldone:welldone Love it, your a great artist.

Pete, let me ask ya, in your personal opinion what do you think the the sax's are worth?
Pete, let me ask ya, in your personal opinion what do you think the the sax's are worth?

If you can convince people that they play OK, maybe £75 for the Cecilio. I don't know about the Evette. I really know very little about these.

If the Cecilio is not in good working order, it may be worth nothing. I don't know anything about Evettes.
Update, just in case you're still looking. The Evette was made by Alfredo Santoni in Italy for Buffet. They seem to ne patterned on a mix of SD and SDA designs.
The Evette is worth very little. It's a cheap horn, it's scruffy and the pads are shot. I'd say about £50, to someone who wants to tinker with it themselves, but I wouldn't buy it.

The Cecelia might make a bit more than Pete's estimate if you can clearly demonstrate that it plays OK. If you put it on eBay with a link to an in focus youtube video of you playing it - and clearly showing it as that sax - to demonstrate it plays OK you might get over £100 for it.
there was a similar italian made Evette alto on Ebay twice last year that didn't sell for a starting bid of £80

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