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Beginner Need advice on music and saxophone notes


Im a tenor saxophone beginer, I've only had the sax for three days and was able to blow a sound the first try. I also seem to be able to go up and down the scale with not much of a problem. Im 61 years old and have never played saxophone although I can play and tune guitars and also play a little organ, and this is all and only by ear. I would like to teach myself if possible to play the saxophone and read music. Could anyone head me in the right direction possibly and hopefully the internet. I don't know really what notes im playing on the sax but can put songs together by ear. Im not in any way trying to go fast with the learning process, I would just like to learn and play and read music the right way. I would appreciate any advice for this old timer thats young at heart. Thanks, Spencer:welldone
On-Line Music Theory ...

This should get you started mate ... [Link] ;}

Here is an Alternative [Link]

This is useful for learning Scales [Link]

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Spencer, good stuff above. A fingering chart will help a lot:

One other thing. Saxes are transposing instruments. So playing a C according to the fingering chart gives you the note that the sax is in. Altos are Eb, Tenors Bb... Sopranos mostly Bb, but there are quite a few C sopranos around now. Net result is that you need to get music written or transposed for your sax, or learn to transpose it yourself.
Re: On-Line Music Theory ...

I have looked at the links and found them helpful thank you.

I was about the same age when I started. My advice is don't struggle on your own - find a good teacher and when you can read a bit join a wind band. Learning will be a lot quicker and more fun.

Hi Spencer,
You have not said what part of the country you come from, may be helpful if you did as there are lots of players who can assist.

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