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M/Pieces - Ligs Need a reasonably good cheap soprano mouthpiece


Some very kind person has lent me their 82z soprano. I'm getting on with it really well, however the only mouth piece I have is the Yam 4c that it comes with it. I don't want too big an opening but more than I've got at the moment (I'm thinking maybe a 6). I'm looking for a darkish big sound and play mainly jazz. Interested in what people would recommend?


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Manchester, UK
I'm nowhere near as good a player as you, but FWIW:

I'm very happy with my Rico Royal (ie Graftonite) B7. Under £20 inc delivery. Amazingly good for the price. B5 might be closer to the 4c tip opening, but the 7 is not too wild for me and I've only been playing sax for a couple of years. And the "A" chamber size is supposed to give a darker sound. At that price why not try a B7 and an A7? Been meaning to get an A7 to have a go on myself.


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hiya, I don't play sop anymore as I was rubbish but have a Rico Royal m/p at home somewhere. I've used it once but would ultrasonic clean it if you were interested. It was £17 so something around that plus post I would be happy to accept, if of course you wanted it - you may be looking for something different! I had a vandoren V5 m/p (I think, can't remember now) on my Borgani sop and it was a good piece that I got for £52 but was quite open, however, it allowed me to get my higher notes in tune :)

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