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Recently got an old (ser # 10XXX) Tru Tone Bari sax with a bunch of minor dings and dents. It seems to be missing some sort of rod that is soldered onto the neck, and that keeps the neck from turning when it is placed on the upper stack. (I guess because the uper register key is made like a bassoon whisper key, and has to remain in alignment in order to seal) The pipe is still on the crook, and the plate is still on the neck, so all I need to cobble up is the brace.
Can someone post a clean photo of one, so I can make a replacement? I am a clockmaker by trade, so am comfortable working in brass, and have plenty of material, bt I don't want to "reinvent the wheel" just to make this piece. I also need a clean photo of the low Eb key guard. Here again, it is missing from this horn. All I have are the three mounting plates. I assume it is probably a T-shaped guard, much like the ones on Selmers older horns, mounted in pipes soldered to the plates.
On the key guard, that is what I was expecting. The other key guards are stil on the horn, and I thought the Eb guard was probably the same. Too bad there is no series i or ia baritone pictured. Looks like, by series 2, they changed the location of the upper register key.

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