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Is it something like this?
I dragged the progress bar to and fro, and honestly, I had a hard time hearing any difference. It could of cause by my hearing that severely needs assistance :)
Ya, is this. I could hear the difference from a youtube clip. It sounds much better.

Hi Tom,
If you feel that it will improve the sound of your sax, it probably will. The sound of a saxophone is dependant of how good the player think it is. So if you think it will improve your sound, chances are it will.

Personally, I heard almost none to absolutely no difference at all. And to me it looks more like something a plumbers would be in need of.
It's $50 for a $1 piece of brass that's supposed to improve the sound of your sax. Like most of the others, I can't hear the difference. If you follow the link above, there are three youtube videos that demonstrate it. You might like to waste a little more time looking at his fancy necks with nodular weights and built in neck enhancer, probably give you a better idea of the value of the product.

Just to give you an idea of his veracity, there are sax, neck and mouthpiece designers/makers on SOTW. Helpful guys who tell it straight. Who know what they're talking about. Yet he takes the time in one of the videos to say there aren't any there and bad mouth the place as a source of misinformation......

I won't be falling for it. Despite his cracks about 'testicular fortitude'.
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