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This is not a political entry, they have no place on this Forum and Pete has kindly allowed me to post this.

I live in a Sheltered Housing Unit one of 24 that is opposing an attempt to remove our Sheltered Housing Officers. Yvonne Hossack, a specialist solicitor has taken on our case pro bono but the Legal Aid boyos have rejected 124 out of 125 applications.

Would you please google The Independent, search for Yvonne Hossack, read the story and if you form an opinion, please add a comment. Mine are obvious from my Welsh connections. You will have to register in the quaintly spelt discuss but as it is The Independent, you should be safe from spam.

Sincere thanks to Pete for permission to broach the subject and to all who comment.



Thank you for drawing that to our attention. I wasn't aware of this disgraceful bit of spite by officialdom. The resulting boiling blood may shorten my life, but its worth it to have the opportunity to do/say anything to oppose that $^^^%$$%&%&.

Edit: Just spent a hour Googling more widely. No wonder I'd not heard of this before, the silence from the UK media is deafening. Other countries media will print the story but here...... blood boiling even more now.

This woman seems to put heart and soul into good work. I do hope she is still able to assist everyone in your SHU OG. Do you know of practical ways people can offer support if they wish? Either for your SHU or for Yvonne's work generally.
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I have already commented on the Independent forum. Banter between OG and me apart, and in all seriousness, I have met some of the people who live in Bill's sheltered housing estate. They are lovely people but almost all are elderly and vulnerable. The on-site wardens provide vital front line support 24 hours a day. To remove them and substitute with some remote electronic system would leave them seriously at risk. This whole saga is full of misinformation and awful officialdom - and I speak as one who made a career of being a bureaucrat!
Bill's neighbours are lucky they have him to stand up for them, so do support him.
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