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Mystery Player ;-) - earn £10 for charity !

The nuances are familiar.

This feels like one of those crossword answers that buzzes around in the back of your mind without quite ever popping out until you read the answer and you go...."yes thats it!!!! of course it is!"

Don Weller?
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Great idea and nice playing.

I would say definitely not Getz or Wellins, but I'm struggling to say who it is.

Will there be any clues later (like maybe nationality) ?


PS What about Ronnie Scott as a long shot.
Kristian Berghiem

'Arno Haas' is getting warm, geographically speaking.
I thought Kev might know who this is........

p.s. my clues cost £1 each, so it's only £8 to charity now...:(
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I'll take a stab at Max Gregor or Hugo Strasser, but it's rather a long one

The picture is a clue too!
Another clue. Our mystery player has worked with a trumpet player that Igor Butman has worked with, it's true. He's still playing & teaching today, afaik.
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Tino Tracanna

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1980's. I was drinking in the 80's and have a bit of a gap. I was on the whisky diet and lost about 6 months. It isn't me is it?

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