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Mystery King Sax - any comments?


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I have just picked up a King C Melody in excellent condition, plays in tune with good intonation - really well made and well kept example. It is with Griff for a look over at the moment and he pointed out that on the bell either side of the King engraving have been added the letters "BG". Since the sax probably dates to the early/mid 20s, and engraving initials is not exactly common - any well informed ideas who this just might have belonged to? I can only think of Benny Goodman or Benny Golson. Of course it could be nothing, but somebody out there might have heard a rumour...seems stupid not to at least ask. I don't know anything about the sax's history apart from I bought it from a guy in England recently. I will add a photo when it is back from Griff.:confused:

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Mmmm, can't think of anyone well known with those initials who played C mel. Benny Goodman didn't so far as I know and I have never seen reference to Benny Golson playing one either (although some more modern players have - Joe lovano, Anthony Braxton). However, Benny Carter did, so the G is that and not a C is it?


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This may interest you:

but it doesn't shed any light on the BG. There are a few serial number lists on the web, may help you to date the sax better - e.g. Numbers.htm

This page has a list of employees, including one George Bitterman - who built trombones - and George Bukur, job unknown. of note.htm

List of their famous players here: players.htm

Good luck with your research. May be worth posing the question, with pics to Pete Hales, sax historian, at the Woodwindforum:

But I'm sure you realise that getting any info on the BG is rather a long shot...
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