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My unusal clarinet for sale!


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi All, offered for sale is my unusaul De Peyer 'Bel Canto' clarinet. It is stamped as USA made, well built (quite weighty) and has a serial no. Nobody knows much about these but I have given it a thorough clean and wiped the silver plated keys with a silver cloth and they shine a bit more now! It has a pretty decent, mellow sound and is quite comfortable under the fingers. Based on this I would be happy to accept 85 GBP which includes postage to the UK and a new vandoren reed - I've got strengths 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 3 so either one of those I can include. If you're picking up clarinet to learn then I have x4 books that aren't required and can go with it.
Please ask me for more pics and of course I will donate 5% of the sale to the fund. Thanks for looking
Hi Nick, no it's composite/ebonite (I hate saying plastic because there is a difference!) :)
lol, cheers. That put me right - I do get a tad confused with the different materials they have used in the past to make a clarinet body. It's still for sale if anyone out there is interested. As it's an unknown make I'm inclined to reduce my asking price a bit. I can manage around 75 pounds and post can be inclusive in this.
I do have 2 other clarinets for sale but then again, they aren't saxes and I feel like I'm clogging pages up on here advertising some of my music cupboard! So I make my apologies! :)
well, since every sale also brings some money to Pete's charity ......there is no reason to feel bad about " taking space" here, after all that's why the space is here! So I encourage you to advertise your clarinets among the saxophones , saxophone players are known, at times, to be playing other things.........even black sticks :)

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