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South Norwood
Hi All,

After posting an introduction I thought I would post a thread about me and my tenor sax. It is a Trevor James Horn Classic which they recommend as a beginner sax, and I am impressed with it. I bought it new in June '09 and have a tutor over the hill in West Norwood. I am now using a meyer 5 ebonite mouthpiece although I still use the BG L13 tenor standard leather ligature. I am currently using Vandoren Java Red 3 reeds. My tutor advises me to change up to a metal mouthpiece and recommends otto link. I shall do this in the new year. I am studying with the Ruback books and have Moon River and Mack the Knife not quite under my belt but dangling provocatively over it!!:sax:


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South Norwood

Hi Bob

Will keep an ear out for a wailing sax - I travel through South Norwood on my bike every day on my way to and from work. Get yourself a screaming Berg Larsen and I'll have a chance of hearing you over the noise of my engine.:)
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