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Sean, it sounds good, some nice embellishments on the melody. Lots going on in your solo, the odd Rollinsesque phrase. You are not helped with the backing track, seeing how this is a love song it's kinda hard to be expressive with no help from the backing. For me the solo was good but had to many notes in it, perhaps longer notes with some feeling/vibrato could have been used?? Hey, it's your solo at the end of the day, I'm just thinking out loud. Still enjoyed it though, thanks for posting..



Yeah, Can you say cheesy midi backing?

I was tempted to slow this one down but was worried the quality of the backing would just get worse.

Seems easier for me to be more sultry and expressive with a tune like this at a slower tempo

I usually play this one in Bb because I've played with singers who prefer it in that key. So playing it in the original Key for the first time without a chart was kinda fun. Kept me thinking about the changes.

Thanks for listening.

Sometimes I find I go on auto pilot a lot when I'm playing and tend to over do it notes wise. I'm trying to play more ballads (like this) so I can improve that aspect of my playing.



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I thought you did well with that Sean. A sweet tone and nice licks as usual. These tired old backing tracks are like chalk on a Blackboard and spoil just about everything we try and lay on top of em:verysad

If you have time you should have a look at this months " Ballad of the Month ".
Chris is the best guy to speak to if you need a BT and Sheet.

I`m in the process of trying to get my take done and I`m finding it a challenge I can tell Ya.:shocked:


Hey Sean, this is a song I have liked for a long time, heard many versions of it and now realizing my dream of being able to play it. But nowhere near as good as yourself, you sound and play great.

I really liked you start, but thought it lost its way/meaning about 1/2 way in and was more about the playing than the song, but as you slowed down tempo towards the end, I thought it regained its meaning and finished well.

Personally I like it played slower, but always great to hearing how others interpret a song. Thanks for sharing


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Some nice playing and nice licks there.I still think less would be more effective but thats a personal thing.The recorded sax sound is still not right for me.It just kills your fine playing.


Fine playing Sean, lovely tone and some nice impro, would love to hear you on Pro recording gear, it would sound even better,
i love your runs very cool, very enjoyable.
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