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Hey, I really dig the opening of your video. Nice non-traditional presentation! lol...
Mr Jobhopper really cooks! You're a very fine musician!

Good luck with your musical endeavors!


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I see your review of the Theo Wanne Ambika I have Theo Wanne datta Hr7* on my MkIV that I have only just started playing more and I am finding that I am in control on the lower register I am loosing it a bit on the upper register (intonation)
I have been concentration on Alto with 2.5 reeds on a jodyJazz 6 ..... On the tenor I am using 2.5 as well maybe I need a stronger reed on the tenor ... What do you think?
Thanks for the comments!
@saxade Yes, I think that a 3 reed can increase your control and helps you also to produce a bigger sound.
I don't know your specifical case, but very often intonation problem are caused by biting too much, and if you're coming from the alto keep in mind that alto and tenor are different animals, so take your time to build your embouchure on the tenor.
I think that the best way to do that is practicing half an hour on longtones and overtones everyday.
Hope this helps, bye
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