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Ok, this is my first attempt at anything on the bari. I'm using the stock mouthpiece which I think is pretty poor. I'll post something else when I get a decent piece and by that time I'll have thought of a reasonable excuse for the pants playing!
The bari is great.... the player is only human! :)))

You must be tickled pink with the tone she and you are getting? And remember it`s going to get better Taz. If I was as lucky I would be working on a "Pulp Fiction" medley by now.

Seriously though. You seem to be cut out as a bari player. Do you see the Amati being slightly neglected in the future?

I have always thought of myself as a tenor player but in reality I am a better alto man.. I reckon the closer the sax fits your natural singing voice the better.

Anyway thanks for letting us share your Baritone :welldone
I've got a stonking headache and can't think of anything witty to say, not that I can when I haven't got a headache but Taz, I could cope with the photos... just, even you writing about it, but you've gone too far with the video, I am envious! And not just at your new plumbing contraption, you've got the music within you and that is great to see and hear.

Best wishes,

Nice playing Taz, just out of interest i found this on youtube (theres a bari part in there somewhere)

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