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My name is Jason, I engrave saxophones - engraving


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Portland, Oregon
Hello fine forum members! My love affair with the saxophone goes back to the age of 10 when I played one for the very first time. Now, 31 years later I strive to never be more than a city block away from a saxophone at all times. >:)

In 1994, I started what would become the world's most popular saxophone web site, I then went on to write the Saxophone Buyer's Guide, record a few albums then teach myself to engrave, what else, but saxophones? I have loved saxophone engraving since I was 15, and drew engraving patterns for over 15 years before I ever picked up the tools.

If you want to see my work, go to Flickr: Unfortunately, I am too busy to take on projects at the moment, but I am happy to answer questions as I am able to. I'm also keen to see photos of any elaborately engraved saxophones you might have, so please share!


My 1938/1939 Selmer Balanced horns, re-engraved by me.
Hi Jason, big welcome from me. I've seen your work on and off through SOTW. Must admit I've been tempted to send you a sax in the past, but have nothing worth spending money on so left it.

One day....

Have fun here!
Welcome to the cafe Jason

Two lovely examples of your work :)
Hi Jason and welcome. I like Kevin, know of your work through SOTW. Great stuff -what an artisan.
Welcome to the caff©, Jason.

As you are the resident expert, is it possible to get one's sax un-engraved? >:)

Hi Jason

Big welcome from me great to have such a talent in the cafe,I've been a big fan of your work for quite a few years,got your site bookmarked on my pc so I can pop in and have a drool every now and then,hope you enjoy being with us.........John
Lovely work and welcome. I have one question. I have a sax that's already engraved, but it's by 'gear4music' and has a hideous logo on the bell... Would someone like yourself be able to get rid of this, sort of like re-doing a tattoo, and replace it with something else?
Hey Hey Jason ...

Welcome to the Cafe ...

Had a browse at you Photos ...

Wow - Loads of beautiful work that you have done to so many Saxophones ... :clapping:

Very nice mate ... :thumb:
Hi Jason and a big welcome.

Pity we never got the mermaid sorted.

Explanation for the folks here:

I was trying to get jason to engrave an art deco style Mermaid on a contrabass Tubax I was buying. In the end the logistics of getting it from germany to America and back was not going to work out.

In the end I didn't buy the Tubax anyway.

I'm also keen to see photos of any elaborately engraved saxophones you might have, so please share!

This would be good but I think we should start another thread for sharing engraving pics, keeping this a s welcome to Jason.
Originally Posted by jdumars
I'm also keen to see photos of any elaborately engraved saxophones you might have, so please share!

I guess you already have seen or have pictures of the Yanagisawa T9932J which is nicely engraved [I think it is anyway] :thumb:

If not let me know and I can take some shots of my nice new one :)
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Jason & welcome to the Cafe.

Yes like others have been aware of your fabulous work and talent for several years.

Sort of like getting tattoo on oneself, I'm not sure what I'd put on and as others have asked.... are the Sax engravings reversable or changeable....anyway welcome aboard.
Thank you all for the kind words and warm welcome!

Pete - yes, a pity about the mermaid! Someday we'll do something, I am certain.

In regards to changing or deleting engraving, it is very, very hard to do. Brass doesn't like having work burnished out of it since it is an alloy. I have occasionally done "cover up" work on horns like this one:

Con Artist by jaydumars, on Flickr

This horn originally had "Pan American, Elkhart Indiana" engraved slightly above where the woman's portrait it. I used the rose fill in the flower to obfuscate it.

In this one:

Buescher Aristocrat re-engraving and enhancement project by jaydumars, on Flickr

The sax had an atrocious, crudely carved number/letter thing right in the middle of the bell above the bell-bow band. I had to work it into the design, which was tremendously tricky, as I had to stylistically match the existing "Big B" motif. Plus, long straight lines on a curved surface are nearly impossible.

So, some things CAN be changed, but it is definitely a case-by-case basis.

Lastly, I would love to start a thread dedicated to people's engraved horns. I would especially love to see photos of things that haven't been circulating a lot. The Yanagisawa looks fabulous! I would love to get one of those that was unengraved and make it an art piece.
Nice to see you around Jason.
I will see if can help with your museum. I have an SML alto and a Dolnet tenor.I will try to take some decent pictures.
Hi Jason

I own a Selmer ref 54 Cookabura alto and as you probably know the engraving is not really up to much on them,I would like to know if it is possible go over the original engraving to sharpen it up and perhaps elaborate on it,and if you did would it in your opinion improve it's saleability or perhaps lessen it because it was no longer in original condition.I have to say that personally I can't imagine that a horn with your gorgeous work on it woudn't be more desirable but collectors are fickle creatures I believe,any thoughts .....All the best ....John
Hi Jason!

A Big Welcome to the Forum from Skabertawe, down by yer in Wales, mind, still the Land of Rugby! I mustbe one of the few sax players that is happy to have a non-engraved sax - a Ref54 Antique Matt Alto, as I find engraving a little too fussy on a sax. You are clearly good at your art so long may you continue to please others.

Kind regards
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