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I got my Martin Indiana from the states this week, It has taken nearly six weeks. Description on e bay actually made it sound worse than it is, just a couple of very small dents in the back and a damaged tone hole that I can fix. It need a complete o/haul too, but this I knew.

In the end of the horn where the neck slots in, it has a silver bush, just pushes in and pulls out, that I have never seen before. The neck and body serial numbers match. The bush reduces the diameter to about 15mm. Its at work so I can't measure. Why would it be there? The neck is the normal size and wont fit in unless the bush is removed. Is there a special small diameter tenor neck around? What would the effect of that be?

The thumb rest is missing. It slots into a slide and must have come adrift. Anyone know where to get spares? I guess I could make one but would rather buy. I have done a bit of googling but nothing pops up.

Will have many questions on this item, I am sure. I am going to take what's left of the laquer off and just see how it goes from there.

Cheers all
Hmmm... come to think, this bush also has the effect of lengthening the sax, unless a small dia. neck were to be pushed into it a fair way. Maybe it is the end of a long gone pad saving brush of very high quality from the early fifties. Must admit, that's what I thought it was at first, just looked too nice a piece for that.

Thanks Thomas, but the Martin sax has a slot to push a thumbrest through that will slide up and down and is fixed by a thumbscrew bearing down on it. Will photo that tomorrow too.

The bush is not reducing to 15mm, its the same size as the part of the neck that slots in, reducing by about 2mm. Its nicely made so could be from the 50´s, the top of a pad saver. Its odd. Will post a pic tomorrow if I can.
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the bush you refer to is just the end stopper - they're usually plastic these days, but Martin's had brass one's.. remove it before inserting the neck, it's not part of the instrument, just there to protect the end

Bingo!!!! - http://www.ebay.com/itm/MartinMods-Martin-Saxophone-Comfort-Thumb-Rest-/250947109238
this one looks a bit bigger than the one on my Indiana alto. so check with them that it'll fit. Martinmods mainly specialise in baritones
The adjustable height thumb rest was a nice idea, but not very practical. The screw that clamps it in place is difficult to tighten/slacken because it's not knurled or slotted, so you can't get a decent grip on it. The thumbrests on my Indiana and Medallist altos are stuck in place and i'm leaving them there

Good luck getting your Indiana into working order, they're nice saxes
You mean the Martin end cap in brass. Something like this:


Some Indiana have adjustable RH thumbrests. In that case Martin Mods might work. My Indiana from the late 50's don't have adjustable thumbrests.

Hi All. I have contacted the seller of the thumbrest and if he will change his policy and post to Spain have told him I will order one. Thanks for the tip.

Yes, its a bung. A bit prettier than yours Thomas, thanks for the info all.
Best wishes

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