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My late starters Inaugural video clip


Hampshire, UK
I thought I would post this for a bit of fun. Not supposed to be a serious music clip as such as I am merely a late starter like many others here. I downloaded a backing track this evening and thought I would record my first attempt at playing over it so I could listen back to it. So I thought why not post it anyway - if only one person somewhere in the world draws something useful from it, (even a mild chuckle) then it will be worthwhile ;}

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****, Filton, as a relative beginner, you have got a really great tone and your finger work is spot on! I enjoyed listening to this. I was, however, very upset not to see the shades and hat that your avatar is sporting! (I'm sure it would have improved your performance no end too! :))))
Thanks Taz, I am sure the tone is more down to the horn than me . . but hope that in some small way I do have some influence. . Next time the hat and shades will come out as you are indeed correct, they may enhance the performance no end !
Very impressive. Were you improvising or playing over?

I am not sure what you would class it as really - I was just playing the melody as I sort of remembered it and then adding whatever came into my head.

I find it a good ear training exercise and certainly a good exercise in interval recognition, to just stick a piece of music on that you sort of know the melody to and play over it as if you were singing it - it is a great way to connect the sound in your head to what you are doing with your hands (and in the case of sax, mouth too).

It is all too easy to rely on having 'the dots' in front of you and I know so many people that are frightened to give playing by ear a go.
Nice, your using the same horn as me, beautiful tone, easy to play. I'm mainly an ear player until i get stuck on a piece, then it's a hunt for the music. Great effort mate your doing brilliant.

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