my high a,b, c are playing as low


sorry now im a newbie, when i play a high scale with octive key when i get to the high g,a,b,c it plays as a low, sometimes it will play but in middle of note it turns into a low note, i also noticed the top octive pad isnt moving, ,, is there anyway i can fix this, sorry if my explanation is confusing :(
Well, it sounds as if the top octave pad (on the crook) may not be lifting when it should... although it should ONLY be UP for A, B & C, and DOWN for G .... (Octave + G opens a small pad on the top-right of the main body)
first thing I'd suggest is to check what happens to the linkages when you press-down the octave button, and the G,A,B,C keys.
If the octave key is operating correctly, my guess would be a leak up at that end somewhere.
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There's a rod from the octave mechaism on the body that fits under the neck octave key when you put the neck on. This should be almost touching the neck key when no keys are pressed. If there's a big gap here, it'll cause the problem. Lack of movement (less likely will also give problems). With the sax assembled, check that the rod on the body moves with the octave key and A/B/C as Roger described.

Fixing this is usually a bending job, best left to a repairer, unless you're really confident. It's easy to make things worse or over-correct. It's also a 5 minute fix, unless there's something bigger wrong.

Assuming the rod on the body is bent, it's usually from being bashed. Make sure that the end plug is always in the sax neck socket when you put it in the bag/case. If it's the neck lever, be more gentle putting it on and taking it off.
thanks for the tips, ill have a look today , i have a repair man but he's a 1 hour drive each way so i thought id ask you nice people 1st, save the enviroment and all that, bending parts of the sax sounds like things i do every day and make hash of around house so i might back off that and leave to pro, i have haynes manual somewhere, i seem to havE lost it, must rip the house apart when little girls has gone to creche, thanks again:)
thanks alot for all your help ,your really a nice bunch of people, sorry im very slow to get back to you, thanks kev, i actally dug up my saxophone haynes manuel, and it said same as you, i carefully bent it back into place, small bits at a time, it plays well now, i will get it looked at in a few months, but at moment i just want to keep up the practise, probably lots more will go wrong, im trying not to be so heavy on the pressing of the keys at the moment, the repair man told me that when i picked it up from its service to try getting out of the habbit of doing[/URL]

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