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I don't know if any of you will be in the slightest bit interested in this, but I'm now playing full time for Dark Side of the Wall, a very well respected Pink Floyd tribute band. I thought that I'd post our gig list on here so that if anyone wants to come along and see us in action you can. We do have a guest list and if you want to come I'll put your name on it. It's limited to only a few, so if more than two people are interested I'll put your names in a hat an do it a fairly as possible. (I suppose if you traveled together or met up at the door, you could split the difference between you.) I would love to see any Cafe Sax members there!

29 Jan 2011 - St Peters Social Club, The Hawthorns, Netherseal

5 Mar 2011 - The Wycliffe Rooms, George Street, Lutterworth

26 Mar 2011 - The Arches Snooker Centre, Arches Ind Estate, Spon End, Coventry

20 May 2011 - The Benn Hall Venue, Newbold Road, Rugby

29 Jul 2011 - Stanton Lakes, Broughton Road, Stoney Stanton, Leics

23 Sep 2011 - Swan Theatre, Worcester (I'm not playing on this one)

14 Oct 2011 - The Mill, Spice Ball Park, Banbury

12 Nov 2011 - The Y Theatre, 7 East Street, Leicester

17 Dec 2011 - Stoney Stanton Social Club, Hinckley Road, Stoney Stanton
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nice one... its proving to be a tricky year for getting gigs so grab 'em while you can... (most of my gigs so far in the diary are depping on harmonica with my old blues band)
Well done Pete, glad you got some work out of it. The market for Floyd tribute bands always seems pretty good - but must admit I'm not really a fan of their stuff.

The Mill at Banbury is always a good gig - shame I'll be in Vietnam at the time! I'll see what I'm doing when you play Rugby.
Dooce is working for the CIA in 'nam, hopefully perfecting your thousand yard stare and playing Rugby.

He is almost as talented as Taz.

I daren't put up my gig list as it is fully booked on tenor, flute, keyboard, EWI and depping on GarageBand at the extremely limited membership CaSLM Jazz Club, zimmer frame permitting.

Summed up, well done and more power to your sax, Taz.
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