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My first solo slot.


Oxfordshire, UK
Not a big gig, but I was asked to play at a village do yesterday evening. My band was doing some folk numbers and for a bit of variety we chucked in some mellow sax stuff (taken from Dirko Jukem's "Movie Classics") with another member of my band accompanying me on keyboard. I was really really nervous, but I visualised playing for my late Dad (he never heard me play the sax) and tried not to focus on the people in the hall. Amazingly, people seemed to be actually listening, rather than chatting amongst themselves and I got applause after each piece! The nicest comments were from people of a "certain age" - that my music was "really romantic" and that it reminded them of the "last dance, from the 50s".

The whole experience was so positive, I just wanted to share it with someone.


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