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my favourite modern Tenor-man, "Игорь Бутман"


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Игорь Бутман is a big favourite of mine, though I'm not sure how I discovered him, possibly via SOTW or some Randy Brecker youtube videos. I've now bought a good few of his CDs, including some where he's a sideman only.
Something about his style is very melodic , very memorable lines , coupled with all the invention & technique you could want, and a lovely tone on tenor (and soprano) . His subtone on tenor is particularly beautiful. He leads a quartet / quintet and also a 16 piece big-band, one of the finest big bands in the world, imho.

Check Him out- his name's Игорь Бутман - we can call him Igor Butman ;-)

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Wow! I thought I had autumn leaves down pat, but apparently not.

What a versatile player

Only problem do you do a search for him?


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Good one Andy. I saw the title of the trhread and thought a Russian spammer had got through our checks.... :w00t:

Scary.... I'll take a listen later.


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my reccomendations:
Igor Butman (Quartet) "Nostalgie"
Igor Butman Big Band "The Eternal Triangle"
as a sideman:
Equinost : "Partners in time"
Yuri Goloubev "Toremar Island"

good luck finding those CDs, it took me a while :)
(NB "The Eternal Triangle" and some other tracks/albums are available on iTunes UK)

p.s. you can cut & paste Russian text into a youtube or google search ;-)
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