Microphones My De Luxe version of Pete Thomas' DIY clip-on Realistic Electret microphone


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Aarhus, Denmark
So, I decided to copy Pete's DIY clip-on mic (http://tamingthesaxophone.com/saxoph...pon-microphone) and purchased a Realistic Electret 33-1063 Tie Pin microphone on the Bay.
My idea was to spend a little more on the materials in my attempt to make it look more "pro".

At Thomann I found the 17£ "Superlux PRA-383 Replacement Clamp" (http://www.thomann.de/dk/superlux_pr...zhalterung.htm) which had the gooseneck and the clip, I was looking for. The clip is originally adapted for trumpet but mounts perfect on the sax.

The Realistic Electret Tie Pin comes with a "needle clip" (or what ever it's called) for attaching to clothes (like a earstick).
This is perfect for mounting the mic on the Superlux clamp. I just drilled a small hole and stuck in the needle.
I put in a little sticky tack (I would have used Sugru but was short of that) between the clamp and the clip to stabilize.

I also considered mounting the microphone reverse in a small cheap foam windscreen and just squeeze it into the two rings on the clamp

Pictures of the De Luxe DIY mic:
Actually I have not tested it yet :)
I totally relied upon Pete's review and the sound clips on his web site, where he compares it to other mics
Looks good. Be interesting to hear the results. What was the total cost?
Very professional looking :thumb:

Total cost ?
Well - I ended up paying a little more for the Realistic Electret 33-1063 Tie Pin microphone than Pete did.
Included shipping to Denmark it costed med £31.
£17 for the Superlux PRA-383 Replacement Clamp - so all in all £48.
Still not expensive though
Can't wait to hear the result Sid, when are you going to post some sounds?
This Audio Technica mount may be another good option. It looks like the wind screen is included, but I'm not positive.
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