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My cover of Tupac Changes


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cant really think of any comments about your tone or technique right now, but the sax could be a bit more on the foreground in the mix..

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
You can obviously play, and I guess this is the style, tone, and sort of music that appeals to you. As I generally find this not to my taste I'll just stick to other aspects. The range used is limited with the lower notes not having much power/support and dropping off. There are a few notes that sound slightly sharp, but only some (intonation). Most players in the genre go for a clear somewhat sweet tone, yours is somewhat "fuzzy", which I guess is OK, but is this what you want?

The tempo is fast and you play well at this clip, but the rather fuzzy tone makes sharp articulation less distinct and (to my ears) partially defeats having fast punchy rhythm.

There's no doubt that you're a player and probably don't need any of us to tell you so. Hopefully you'll take in these observations knowing that I don't play in your style, so don't really know what you're trying to accomplish and may just be observing you performing exactly the way you want to sound.

Wishing you all the best.
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I thought it was really good and would like to be able to play this sort of music myself, I have a little way to go yet though. For me, it sounded as it should and was in the style I expect it to be. I didn't notice any of the issues mentioned above but then I guess I wasn't really looking for them and maybe I'm not good enough to recognise them anyway. Unfortunately the two classes I go to just play old jazz & blues. I don't mind that too much but listening to this reenforces the fact that I need to get a teacher. Keep posting David, the last one was really good too.

David walker

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Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. I admitt that recording was by no means perfect, ll take on board your comments. Thanks David

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