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My Alto...

Yeah, I haven't been online for awhile, but, while I was looking for a new mouthpiece for my alto, I discovered that the model I have is no longer made!
I have a Yamaha YAS-21. Similar to the 23, but no longer made... It made me laugh a little on the inside...


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I looked for ages to get waht I wanted. A Meyer aerodynamic 5 worked reasonably well for me, but had a lot of resistance. I really liked the sound of an old Brilhart Personaline S5, but it also had a lot of resistance. The Selmer Soloist works well, sounds good but also has a lot of resistance...

I ended up with a Morgan 7L large chamber (thanks Andy!!!), which didn't have a lot of resistance and has lovely warm rich lower notes. But still plenty of volume when I want it. Wonderful subtones, works well for me with RJS filed 2H. Makes it much easier to switch from tenor to alto.
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