Musings on going round in circles


I was having a gripe to one of my brothers about feeling sometimes like I'm going round in circles and not really getting anywhere from time to time. His answer demonstrated some serious worldly wisdom and I thought I'd share it with youse lot.

Everything we actually need is under our noses but we need to look at it in the right manner and through the right eyes. Those eyes are the eyes of experience. Eyes that have seen the same things over and over again through going round in so-called circles, all the time establishing a deeper self-awareness.

The player that you can be and may well become already lies inside you but like everyone else, you'll need to keep developing, effectively sanding yourself down to that player. You won't necessarily realise as you're making progress in the course of a day but as time moves on adn you stay with it, you realise that doing something that once challenged you may no longer be as difficult. Recognition of progress is necessarily retrospective

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Tengu, I've read them all and I'll echo what Nachoman said - well written indeed! Nice insights, hopes, fears, highs, lows... I think you could well earn a few more bob by offering them to a local paper or publishing them as a collection sometime.
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