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Music Scoring Software for Sale (Harmony Assistant


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Guildford, Surrey
I have been using Myriad's Harmony Assistant Software for a couple of years with great success but have I recently upgraded to Sibelius so therefore my copy has become redundant and I am selling the software license.
If you are familiar with Sibelius or the like then you will know that scoring software allows you to create sheet music as you would use a word processor to create a text document. You can enter notes in single or multiple parts with multiple instruments and then are able to edit and transpose to your hearts content.
Harmony Assistant is a mid priced solution along the lines of Sibelius (the industry bench mark). Functionally it is very similar but I have to say that while the finished product is identical to Sibelius, Harmony Assistant is not as intuitive and you have to work harder in the early days to learn how to use it efficiently. Sibelius is far easier to work with out of the box but you could buy yourself a saxophone for the price of the full version.

Harmony Assistant can be downloaded from their web site and evaluated as a demo. All user documentation is included with the download. I am selling the license code that will allow you to activate the product and have full use of it.

So that you are aware of the market Sibelius (full version) is somewhere around the €600 mark. They do a student version for around €110.
Harmony Assistant costs €70.

I am asking £30 for my copy. 10% to fundraising

Take a look at this link for more information

I should also point that while the web site is all in English their user support forums are predominantly in French.

Please note that I am selling the license code - you can download the software from the web site.
I will send the licence code by email to the buyer.


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