Beginner Music manuscript

Tommy Ng

South Yorkshire
Wonder if anyone can understand me....

I only read music written in "1,2,3,4,5,6,7" ; "do, re, me fa, so, la, ti". Just by listening to a piece of music, i can pick up the "root notes" pretty quickly.

When i write music sheets, i only do it in " C Key " or the root notes. I seldom read music sheets when i play as i can remember the "root notes" of a song pretty well. It comes naturally...

With the "root notes" in mind or reading the music sheet in C Key, i can play it in any other keys as i wish (different scales).

My question are;

1) Why are music sheets written in keys other than C Key or "root notes"?
2) If you read a music sheet written in keys other than C key, do you pick up the root notes?

A friend of mine has formal music education for many years. However, she can't play if there is no music sheet. I think this is because she has not learned to pick up "root notes".

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